Saturday, May 2, 2009


Eight is Great! Our handsome little guy was Baptized April 18, 2009 at 6pm. We had a great turn out for his big night. Grandpa and Grandma Beyeler drove up from Utah along with great grandpa and grandma, and Grandpa Vance also was able to come up. Conner had family from othello as well as moses lake attend; and some good friends. We appreciate them all for traveling such a ways to support Conner. It was a special night for him and he was so excited to have his grandparents there. I think I was more nervous than him!
They do baptisms by stake here, and there were quite a few kids, but it went smoothly, and Conner did great. He even made everyone laugh when he came up out of the water and shook his head like a fish and blubbered on about the water. He always seems to make everyone laugh one way or another. We have so many pictures from when grandparents were here and will be posting them soon. We love Conner and are greatful he has made this decision in his life.

Every time April Fool's day rolls around, we have a birthday party. My computer has been down in the picture department until now, so this post is late, but better late than never! Conner has had a birthday, yeah! Our big boy is now 8! Yikes, that makes me feel really old. I feel bad for the guy cause his birthday always falls on spring break, so it's hard to find party goers that are in town, but we kinda had a birthday week instead! We went to a movie, Monsters vs. Aliens. I have to admit when they changed Susan's name to Ginormica, I kinda looked around like someone was looking at me, kinda is like my name. Conner had not been to the new McDonald's since it had opened, so we headed there for lunch and play time, yeah for all those clean toys! After lunch we went to pick up Conner's present. He got bunnies, ti's the season! They are fun. Since the bunnies were such a hit, we decided to make his birthday cake a bunny. I tried my best.It was really yummy. I made little ones too so everyone could have their own little cake! We had a few friends and family over and it was a fun little party. We love you Conner!


This is Anna. Conner got two bunnies for his birthday, One needed a friend so that's how we ended up with two! My camera is still not loading my precious pics, so I took some more. I only got pictures of Anna though. We only have one leash, yes I bet you did not know you could walk a bunny did you? So any way I will take new pics of Theodore later. Anna is a cute little thing, and Taylor's buddy. She loves me of course, I am the one who makes sure she is taken care of. I caught this sweet pic of her meeting the dog.
At first The dogs would just chase them, of course, but after making the dog sit, the bunny actually came up to the dog to check her out. I think the dog was soooo scared she came up to her that she just froze. Intimidation. It was funny cause the first day we had them I brought them in the house because it was raining and Brandon was trying to put a roof over their cage, anyway, we were playing with them on the floor and Brandon came in he said " has the cat seen the bunnies yet?" I said no, and just as I did, the cat came walking around the corner, he only comes in to get his food at night, and as soon as he saw that bunny take a hop, he crouched and sprinted. Brandon chased the cat, I caught the bunny, and the kids almost saw the cat have bunny for dinner! It was traumatic for me. I had no idea the cat would try to catch the bunny, but then again i do forget he is a farm cat, and a good one. We don't bring the bunnies in anymore in fear that the cat might waltz in unnoticed and seize his lunch.

The bunnies are getting so big now, and they eat like humans, a lot. I am constantly feeding them. They are cute though, and little Anna likes to eat my Dandylions out of my lawn, so a plus for me.