Sunday, October 26, 2008


As most of you know, Presley has hair, lots of it. She was born with thick black of night hair, and over her last 16 months it has lightened dramatically and grown, and then grown again. Most of the time her curls are fabulous, the kind most of us covet. straight want curly, curly want straight, but to say the least the girls got great hair. It's also great for me because I have to only wet it and it's done. No blow dryer, no iron, no gel, no braids, no brushing. which leads me to my next photo, brushing. When i get Presley out of the tub, i put some conditioner in her hair to remove the tangles then i simply comb through it and leave it. Well, the other night Brandon and I wanted to see what it would look like if we combed it when it was dry. Well, the photo explains it all. And she still had curl, it would have been even bigger, but it bounces back pretty quick. We love our little Presley, and we love her big hair.
I also wanted to take a photo of all the kids together, which I have attempted many times, but have failed. three kids all photo ready anytime, on the count of cheese, nope just not happening. I took this photo, best one in a long time, only took me half hour to get it, but it's done, and now I can scratch walmart photo studio off my list, yeah for me.
Yeah, I'm not all into the matching outfits and the special photo day, i like them simple, real, and in ordinary settings. and to me, that's priceless.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, super Saturday was last Saturday, and I decided to go. i didn't plan on going, but I packed up the kids, made sack lunches and headed out. I decided the night before to make truffles, Oreo truffles. I had these once before, and they were divine. I stayed up till midnight trying to get the white chocolate to drizzle over the tops, but it just wouldn't. i was ready to toss them, all 75 of them in the trash, but Brandon decided after all that work we should just put dots on the top with a spoon. So, after several hours of chocolate melting, rolling, and dipping we got it done.

i know they aren't really pretty, but no one complained cause all 75 were gone! I only got one! These are pretty easy to make, except for my handicap with the white chocolate, and they are even better to eat. cream cheese, Oreo's, and chocolate, that's it.

Also, while I was there i got to squeeze in to do a fall flower arrangement, thanks to Janelle. I have never really made an arrangement this big, so it took me a while, but it was fun, and I think it looks o.k.

The kids are excited for Halloween, and I'm sure we'll be making our traditional Halloween sugar cookies. No wonder October through January we pack on the pounds, every thing's about eating! Oh well, we'll just make another ridiculous new year's resolution to not do it again. Cheers.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Friday I received some phenomenal news from Conner's cardiologist ( heart specialist ). For those of you who have forgotten, or simply did not know, Conner has had a VSD( Ventricular Septal Defect), aka "hole" in his heart. We have been watching this for seven and a half years, to see if it would stabilize and close on it's own, or grow and get bigger requiring heart surgery to repair it. I received a phone call from Conner's cardiologist and their team and they said they reviewed Conner's last echo cardiogram ( basically an ultrasound on your heart ) and the VSD has closed substantially. the hole is too small to repair now and will most likely close all the way on it's own. we have reduced his visits now and will just go routinely once a year to have it checked, which is so good for us because we see seven other specialists bi monthly. This has been very exciting, and humbling news for us, and we feel so blessed. I have been stressed about the steps backward we have taken with his growth lately and this has been a major step forward. few steps forward, few steps back. We are happy and healthy and ready for whatever may come our way. We have learned sooo many things from our angel and we are grateful for everyday he gets to spend with us. We are grateful for technology, for without it, he would not be here. We are grateful for all the medical professionals who give of their time and talents to improve the quality of ones life. And we are grateful for all those who have come into our lives and helped us along our way.
Bless all of you and your families that you might experience some of the joy we have been able to experience in our lives. we love you.




Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, I checked this quilt out, and it's awesome! I know the chances of me winning it are slim, very very slim, I've never been the lucky winner, but what the heck, we'll see. It was very cute and I have been sulking lately about not having a home made quilt. No one in my family quilts, and the ones I've seen and offered to buy, no one will sell them; people make them for family members, not outsiders. So I'll hope I win, but lucky be the person that does, and then I'll go on another quilt hunt. I should probably just learn myself and solve the problem, but who has the time or patience to teach me? probably no one. cheers to the contest!

Monday, October 13, 2008


So I have learned a lot from my dear, sweet children, sometimes more than I want to know, sometimes things I should know, And sometimes things i never thought I wanted to know. i have been super busy lately, and have not had a lot of free time to blog, but today I had a highlight from conner and thought i'd better share so we can look back on this conversation later in life and laugh. So, we are driving home from school and the kids are in the back, that's so nice cause then I can vaugly hear the quarreling. Anyway, Conner says " Mom, when am I gonna get my fur" i laughed and said " Honey, people don't have fur, animals have fur, people have hair" He then said " Well, when am I gonna get my fur?" I stated again" Honey, we don't have fur, we have hair, and your's is on your head" Conner then says " Well, how come daddy has fur?" I was scared to answer that, afraid of what he was getting at, but I laughed and said" Conner, Daddy doesn't have fur." More irritated that I was arguing with him and he was determined to prove his point, he said" U huh, I've seen it, he has it on his toes." I busted a gut all the way home and then some and couldn't wait to ask Brandon if he was aware he was growing fur on his toes. I would have posted a pic, but thought i'd spare yall that one, you can thank me latter. It's so funny to me what kids come up with, granted there is hair on most men's toes, but that a child would look at it like fur is so funny to me. Thank gosh it was on his toes, right?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, we officially had the first day of fall, and then of course it heated up like crazy! The kids always get so excited when the Halloween stuff comes out. costumes, cookies, candy, spooky stuff, the whole bit. Taylor is my little cook so she immediately wanted to make cookies with the Halloween sprinkles she spotted at walmart.
Of course the most coveted part of the whole cookie process is the sprinkles, and boy do my kids know how to sprinkle, this is Taylor's best.
Yum! Conner doesn't get too into the eating part, but he likes to make em.And of course, Presley, our little crack up had us all entertained through the whole event. First she just poked at it.

I first gave her a beater with frosting so she would know what was coming, she's really funny about trying something new, especially when i keep saying " go on, taste it" she poked for a few minutes and thenyup, dove right in. don't know why she wouldn't pick it up, didn't want to get her hands dirty I guess. After she got a real taste of what I was pushing her to eat, she was quite surprised than I would give her such a delicatessen, and quite proud of her self too.Priceless.

And well, for my addition to the evening, I made dinner. and cleaned up the mess, and bathed the girl with all the frosting on her face. I was trying to think of something fallish to make, so I made haystacks, they are yummy!

And yes, I ate that whole thing. Thanks to aunt Mary I now have my first set of semi-china, so I won't have to sport my plastics as much. Well, i think I am about all falled out, and we still have the rest of the month and the next. Hopefully it cools down some so it really feels like fall, otherwise I think the pool needs to re-open.