Monday, January 24, 2011


Kids say the darn dest things sometimes....makes me wanna hold up my " here's your sign" sign. So, the other day I promised Presley I would put some pink and purple streaks in her hair. She wanted me to do it too, so we did. My hair is too dark to have it show up much, but her's looked fantastic, and she loved it, which is what counts. Well, that night we were sitting around reading books and Presley was standing behind me looking through my hair trying to find the colors. She says,

" Mom, I don't see any purple or pink."

I say, " Well, it's there You just can't really see it."

Presley says, " no, I don't see any, where is it?"

I say, " well it's there. look hard.. I put some in."

Presley says, " I still don't see the purple mom.... oooh, But I see the white!"

I say...nothing.

The rest of the family laughs.

Lol, it's official, I'm growing old...and my three year old just proved it.