Monday, September 22, 2008

My little food critique

So, since Presley is STILL not walking she has to find something else to do with all that free time, and this is her latest. She absolutely loves to sit in the dishwasher. But it's funny cause she only sits in it when the dishes are DIRTY. Yes, I know this is gross, but she really can't help herself. If the dishes are clean, she simple walks away, but if the dishes are dirty, she climbs up on top, takes a seat, and starts taste testing. Yes, I am aware that this is disgusting, but she's so funny, if she gets something she doesn't like, she tosses it over the side to the floor and digs for a new one. luckily i run my dishwasher at least twice a day, so most of the stuff she tastes is from dinner. I constantly tell her no, take her off and try to distract her with a toy in the other room, but just like my sneaky marshmallow runaway, by the time I get to the table for dishes and back, she's already on top tasting. i have seriously made an extra attempt to really rinse everything off before it goes in, so time consuming, I think it just gives her more time to sit and taste.

I have also made an extra effort to help her learn how to walk hoping that new found ability will give her more places to roam, but it has been a no go, she's very defiant. i have never let my dogs lick the stuff in the dishwasher, natural thing for dogs to do, She even gets mad at the dog if he trys to join her, Territorial I guess.funny girl; but is my little girl any different? i guess I'll have to learn how to load super fast, or just leave the dishes all over the table and kitchen, that would work. oh the joy of being a child.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, the long wait is finally over, yeah for me. I have FINALLY found a mascara that I love. I posted a clip for this a while back asking for input, and i recieved some good tips, but unfortunatly no one won my contest. I found this mascara a few weeks ago and I'm hooked! The first couple of times I used it I wasn't so sure, but after a few times, It worked wonders! Yes wonders! The key is slow long strokes. Rimmel makes it,it's Glam'eyes, and I get Midnight black. I also love some of their eye shadow, but have not been able to get anymore, mostly due to walmarts stocking habits, or lack of stocking the same item habit. I love this new find of mine and until they create something even more spectacular, I'll be purchasing this in bulk, also due to walmarts not stocking the same item habit. Try it and love it. Because I love it, love it, love it.

Friday, September 12, 2008


So, I got up this morning and glided right into the usual routine, kids breakfast, school, gym, nap for baby and shower. I was skippping right through the whole get ready process and then as I proceeded to straighten my hair, something caught my eye.

Yes ladies, the scene you are seeing right now is true, I have grey hair! I know this picture is horrible, thanks to my bathroom lights, but none the less they are there, and I can see them! I frantically pulled up my hair on the other side, and to my astonishment there were more, lots of them! So, i said to myself " I can handle this" I mean for crying out loud I 'm a hair stylist, but despite the fact that I can easily fix this problem, I thought more to myself, how did this become a problem? I mean, I know i'm close to thirty, but is that really when it happens thirty? How young! But then I thought to myself, do I WANT to fix this problem, is it really a problem? I always see those older ladies with pure grey hair, and it looks so pritty to me so natural, but I definatly think it would look more unnatural on me. And then I think, can I possibly be in the hair industry grey? And how fast does this advance? Maybe I just have stress spots, that would be nice, except for the fact that those spots probably just doubled when I noticed them. So really, I love hair no matter what color it is. And I think the face is what makes hair beautiful. everyone is so unique, and whether it's black, brown, blonde, red or yes even grey, I think we are beautiful. So for now, my grey hair is still there, for how long, I don't know.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So, we took a weekend trip to seattle to check out some famulous sites. We decided to kick of our trip with a stop at Snoqualmie Falls ( who knows if i spelled that right) The falls were just beautiful. Conner is actually the one who convinced us to hike down to the bottom, whew! what a hike, carrying a baby! should have had a pack or something.The kids wanted to break the rules like so many other people were doing and climb the fence to go right down next to the water, but i figured "if" there happened to be a sudden change in the water rising, like stated on the warning posters everywhere not to climb the fence, we would be in trouble trying to get three small kids back over the fence, so i know, i know, had to hold back the wild side of me and stay put.I asked brandon if he would take a picture of me posing like ariel, on the little mermaid, ya know on the big rock? But he refused, so instead I snatched photos of the kids, neither of them wanted to play ariel though, sorry.i love the outdoors, so green, mostly clean, and smells fresh, especially by the water.oh gotta love it when kids smile for the camera, someone's always gotta be a goof. So we were all pritty tired from our hike down, we only got about an eighth of the way back up the hill and no one could make it! So, being the responsible parents we try to be, we left the kids at the bottom with grandma and mary, and brandon and I hiked the way up. Oh how I was wishing I would have opted for the irresponsibility and sat at the bottom with everyone else! It was a big, long hike back up. people were looking at me funny cause I was sweating sooo bad. I'm sure they experienced the same moisture when they hiked back up too. decieving little sign, all it stated was steep incline! guess we weren't thinking of the way back, oh well, rest assured we made it and fetched our family from the bottom. we made it to seattle that night and visited with family the rest of the evening.

Saturday was the perfect day in Seattle! we couldn't have picked a better day, it didn't even rain!!!!

We started off at fabulous pikes market, I just love walking around stuff like this, so entertaining, I'm a people watcher. Caught this pic of Conner smelling the flowers for sale, so sweet. I wish I could have bought some they were just beautiful!We rode the water taxi over to weast seattle and back, just like a ferry ride only, smaller boat, cheaper price, and shorter line, yeah for the bargain shopper! We walked all over, gosh I wonder how many calories I burned!Conner and Taylor goofing off for their picture with grandma, typical.Don't ask me why we didn't atleast turn presley around, poor thing stuck in a stroller, in my defense, she was carried more than she rode! After walking till we couldn't we stopped to eat at a fabulous resteraunt on the pier. Several people recommended it so we decided to endulge.

After the kids saw all the crabs inside in the display, they were begging for crab, so we got the famous crab pot, and yes they bring it in a pot and then dump it in the middle of your table!i ate a shrimp cocktail, yum and then i picked through the pot with the rest of them, exception to the boys, they ate burgers.taylor actually really liked the crab, I thought she was brave.i think maybe she liked wearing the big bib more, but atleast she ate right?Conner was so funny, he made me take a picture of this shrimps eyes before he hit it with the mallot. Funnier was that grandma didn't know they were eyes till after she ate and conner pointed it out on this last one, funny.

Well, after we were stuffed we cruised around some more and then rode the train to the space needle. We were going to ride up, but the tickets were 18 a person, and the line wound aroud for hours, so we just looked in the shops and enjoyed the weather. we did try to get a picture though, and i had to post it cause we were trying sooo hard to capture this and conner just had to pick his nose!

And poor taylor was just tired of pictures all together. Well the train broke down so we had to catch a city bus back to pikes market, conner thought the bus was the best of all, funny, who enjoys riding a stinky, packed city bus, evidently conner. After our 38 dollar parking garage bill, we decided to to call it a day, it was fun. Sunday it rained ALL day, we went to the locks and let the kids look at the boats, that was interesting, fun. then we cruised around looking at beautiful houses and such.
This was conner's favorite boat, it was a big one.The kids played in the water, and the rain. all in all it was a great trip and i'm glad we went. geeze, this post is longer than the last one, that's what happens when ya slack on posting!