Monday, September 22, 2008

My little food critique

So, since Presley is STILL not walking she has to find something else to do with all that free time, and this is her latest. She absolutely loves to sit in the dishwasher. But it's funny cause she only sits in it when the dishes are DIRTY. Yes, I know this is gross, but she really can't help herself. If the dishes are clean, she simple walks away, but if the dishes are dirty, she climbs up on top, takes a seat, and starts taste testing. Yes, I am aware that this is disgusting, but she's so funny, if she gets something she doesn't like, she tosses it over the side to the floor and digs for a new one. luckily i run my dishwasher at least twice a day, so most of the stuff she tastes is from dinner. I constantly tell her no, take her off and try to distract her with a toy in the other room, but just like my sneaky marshmallow runaway, by the time I get to the table for dishes and back, she's already on top tasting. i have seriously made an extra attempt to really rinse everything off before it goes in, so time consuming, I think it just gives her more time to sit and taste.

I have also made an extra effort to help her learn how to walk hoping that new found ability will give her more places to roam, but it has been a no go, she's very defiant. i have never let my dogs lick the stuff in the dishwasher, natural thing for dogs to do, She even gets mad at the dog if he trys to join her, Territorial I guess.funny girl; but is my little girl any different? i guess I'll have to learn how to load super fast, or just leave the dishes all over the table and kitchen, that would work. oh the joy of being a child.


Korbi said...

too funny! Great story for the day that she graduates!

Webster Family said...

She is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. She seems like she keeps you very busy!