Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School Days

I now have TWO big school kids... wow, That makes me feel old. Conner and Taylor both started school this year, and they both enjoy it. They both get to ride the bus to school...Yeah for me!!!!. But then I have to go pick Taylor up, half day kindergarten. Wish they did all day, would be much nicer on the gas bill. Oh well, next year.

Conner is enjoying school so far,

and Taylor always wants to know why she can't stay and eat lunch and ride the bus home....I just tell her, so do I.

It's funny how some kids really like school and others really struggle. I don't remember what my feelings were back when I was that age. I do remember walking to school though, A long way. Seems like we would have to get up so early so we could get to walking. Walking home wasn't that bad cause we could take our time, walk slow, but I remember some mornings hearing that bell ring and I was still a good ways away and I'd have to run. I do remember the smell though, cool air, and wet grass. Don't know why I always remember that, but I do.

I also remember how I thought school would never end. And for my little ones, it's only just begun.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grandpa's Ponytail

While we were down at Grandpa's visiting, Presley received some very special treatment from grandpa. Grandpa's famous pony tail :) I remember these when I was a little girl. I would sit at the bottom of the stairs, my Dad a few steps up, and I would receive my "PONYTAIL" I remember these for a few reasons, one because they hurt like crazy to get. Dad always had to slick the hair back real good, I'm assuming that's because he didn't want to have to redo it later from it falling out. Two, it was always fun to know that Dad wasn't afraid to tackle the girls hair, I think he actually liked doing it, And three, our eyes hurt like crazy afterwards, we use to laugh saying we had instant "china" eyes.

Presley was eager to climb up to get her hair done, she even retrieved the brush and spray. I thought after a few pulls she would be done, but the little one just sat through the whole process, which can take a few minutes due to the amount of slicking, she was so good, didn't even cry. She even left it in all day, and of course it did not fall out :)

We love grandpa. The pony tails are something I will always remember from my childhood, and now Presley has proof she participated in this fine art as well.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where is a Rainbow?

I saw a rainbow once,
Drifting in the sky.
My science teacher told me
It was only in my eye.

It made the Heavens sparkle,
A simply wondrous sight.
My science teacher said
It was just a trick of light.

He said rainbows were refractions,
Just the bending of the light.
That they didn't speak of hope or joy,
Of good or bad, or wrong or right.

He said life is made of molecules,
Exact and perfectly precise.
And rainbows don't have meaning,
Beyond equations quite concise.

I'd like to meet my science teacher
Once before I'm done.
I'd like to teach him something
I learned when I was young.

You can see a rainbow many ways,
And if you're very smart,
You won't see them with your eyes,
You'll see them with your heart.

Joe Wayman