Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where is a Rainbow?

I saw a rainbow once,
Drifting in the sky.
My science teacher told me
It was only in my eye.

It made the Heavens sparkle,
A simply wondrous sight.
My science teacher said
It was just a trick of light.

He said rainbows were refractions,
Just the bending of the light.
That they didn't speak of hope or joy,
Of good or bad, or wrong or right.

He said life is made of molecules,
Exact and perfectly precise.
And rainbows don't have meaning,
Beyond equations quite concise.

I'd like to meet my science teacher
Once before I'm done.
I'd like to teach him something
I learned when I was young.

You can see a rainbow many ways,
And if you're very smart,
You won't see them with your eyes,
You'll see them with your heart.

Joe Wayman


Melissa B. said...

fun pics.

Webster Family said...

hey! did you disappear from facebook?