Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, we officially had the first day of fall, and then of course it heated up like crazy! The kids always get so excited when the Halloween stuff comes out. costumes, cookies, candy, spooky stuff, the whole bit. Taylor is my little cook so she immediately wanted to make cookies with the Halloween sprinkles she spotted at walmart.
Of course the most coveted part of the whole cookie process is the sprinkles, and boy do my kids know how to sprinkle, this is Taylor's best.
Yum! Conner doesn't get too into the eating part, but he likes to make em.And of course, Presley, our little crack up had us all entertained through the whole event. First she just poked at it.

I first gave her a beater with frosting so she would know what was coming, she's really funny about trying something new, especially when i keep saying " go on, taste it" she poked for a few minutes and thenyup, dove right in. don't know why she wouldn't pick it up, didn't want to get her hands dirty I guess. After she got a real taste of what I was pushing her to eat, she was quite surprised than I would give her such a delicatessen, and quite proud of her self too.Priceless.

And well, for my addition to the evening, I made dinner. and cleaned up the mess, and bathed the girl with all the frosting on her face. I was trying to think of something fallish to make, so I made haystacks, they are yummy!

And yes, I ate that whole thing. Thanks to aunt Mary I now have my first set of semi-china, so I won't have to sport my plastics as much. Well, i think I am about all falled out, and we still have the rest of the month and the next. Hopefully it cools down some so it really feels like fall, otherwise I think the pool needs to re-open.


Lori said...

Favorite food at our house--haystacks(by the girls that is...). Thanks for doing Kenzie's hair, she loved it and looked really pretty I might add. I really would love to help....(but not in a stalkerish way)...only if you need something. Let me know.

Jess said...

YEAAAA, I can read your blog :) I am so in love with Presley's curls!!!