Saturday, October 18, 2008


Friday I received some phenomenal news from Conner's cardiologist ( heart specialist ). For those of you who have forgotten, or simply did not know, Conner has had a VSD( Ventricular Septal Defect), aka "hole" in his heart. We have been watching this for seven and a half years, to see if it would stabilize and close on it's own, or grow and get bigger requiring heart surgery to repair it. I received a phone call from Conner's cardiologist and their team and they said they reviewed Conner's last echo cardiogram ( basically an ultrasound on your heart ) and the VSD has closed substantially. the hole is too small to repair now and will most likely close all the way on it's own. we have reduced his visits now and will just go routinely once a year to have it checked, which is so good for us because we see seven other specialists bi monthly. This has been very exciting, and humbling news for us, and we feel so blessed. I have been stressed about the steps backward we have taken with his growth lately and this has been a major step forward. few steps forward, few steps back. We are happy and healthy and ready for whatever may come our way. We have learned sooo many things from our angel and we are grateful for everyday he gets to spend with us. We are grateful for technology, for without it, he would not be here. We are grateful for all the medical professionals who give of their time and talents to improve the quality of ones life. And we are grateful for all those who have come into our lives and helped us along our way.
Bless all of you and your families that you might experience some of the joy we have been able to experience in our lives. we love you.




Ralph Waldo Emerson


Rachael said...

Hi Jenica. It's Rachael Spicer Price. I'm so glad to hear that news, It looks like he is doing great. I have always wondered about how he and your whole family is doing. I bet you're so glad to finally have some great news. Congrats.

Korbi said...

YEAH!!!!! :) It was nice to see you today, hope to see you soon lucky $4. :)
PS I was at Costco the other day and they only had the premade Christmas cards....

Jess said...

That is such great news!!! Conner is such an awesome kid, I just can't help but love him :) I hope you had fun today!

hennchix said...

yea!! I bet you are just dancing you are so thrilled!! What great news!! One more thing to take off your worry plate. God bless you and sweet Connor.