Sunday, May 18, 2008


This picture is worth a thousand words to me. This is exactly how I feel all winter long, until spring!!! I love spring and summer and fall! i know we have to have the winter, it's just a part of the whole process, but i love when it gets warm! And it feels like it has taken FOREVER to warm up, and then WHAM! one day its 90 degrees, crazy!

Presley decided today that she likes watermelon, which is good cause we basically live off of that and sweet corn on the cob, all summer long! yummy!

Summer brings sports and this year, for the first year ever, we are PLAYIN! Yeah for Conner. We are doing tball this year and brandon is the coach, yeah for dad! Conner likes it so far, its fun to see all the kids running around trying to learn the name of the game. this year we are focusing on not throwing the bat, running to first base, not third, and throwing the ball to first base after someone retrieves it. we gotta lot to learn, but kids are resilliant and fun and they just like to play.

Even Taylor likes to play!

Most of all I love Summer for relaxin! It's probably cause we get so tired from the heat, but there's nothing i love more than sun, swimming, and barbeque!!!! Brandon makes a great barbeque, and we love to just sit outside and eat. our yard swing has become one of our most favorite hot spots during the summer. We love to just sit and talk. We have a great view out here and it's so peacful to just sit and watch the kids play. Last summer i used the swing mainly to lay on in agony wishing someone would push me off and pop my nine month huge belly, so hopefully this summer I can enjoy it more! Chasing the toddler right? Hope the summer lasts as long as it's taken to finally get here!


Erica said...

all the kids look so cute!! I can't believe how big presley is getting! I hope conner is having lots of fun playing T-ball! That sounds like it would be funny to watch! :)

Udinks said...

T-ball....I want to watch! I can't wait till Kylee is big enough for some fun like that. Nothing beats a good bbq, especially when you have a good cook cookin it and a nice yard to enjoy it in. The kids look like they are havin fun...and I can't wait to get some watermelon...send that heat my way, we are still in the freikin 50's!!!

Annie and Jonny said...

Fun pics! That is so cool that you guys are coaching. I bet Conner loves it! I hope you had a great birthday. You were stylin in that hot apron of yours. Dinner was delicious as always!! Thanks for having us.

Ryan & Rischel said...

I LOVE THE low brow!! My kids have it mastered..and it's pretty cute on Presley as well.