Thursday, January 22, 2009


My baby has grown up, as so many of us mothers say. Presley was tired of her little chair we had her in ( the ones you hook to the table) and her little legs were definitely getting to big, so we started putting her up in a big chair. she loves it.
From the time Presley was eating solids, unless she gets to feed herself, she doesn't eat. Still that way. She definitely makes a mess, but what 18 month old doesn't right? Oatmeal is her thing right now, and just my favorite thing to clean up. I can't stand that maple syrup smell that just seems to linger around everytime we have pancakes, and the maple oatmeal is just the same.
Most of the time she gets a bath immediately following breakfast because the amount that ends up on her clothes, hair, and pj's opposed to her belly is phenomenal. But hey, she can't help that she has big hair, so that one is to be expected. Sometimes I wonder if she actually got full, but she seems to thrive al right, so I guess we're good.
It is so fun that they make little spoons for little people so they can do it all by themselves. I wish someone would invent an easier way to clean up the sticky gooey messes, but I guess soap, water, and a rag is all that has evolved. I bought one of those bibs that catch all the food they drip in the bottom of the bib, but cleaning that pool out was worse for me than just pulling off the jammies and dunking her into the tub. mostly because they don't have a special bib for little girls with big hair. It was funny though because when she was done eating we would get her down and her little legs would be so asleep from sitting on them that she couldn't put them down to walk, poor thing. So as soon as it was official she was going to be a big kid chair eater, we purchased another chair, and a booster. She still has to feed herself, she still likes oatmeal, the maple kind, she still wears most of it, and she still requires a bath. So basically from this growth period we have only emptied our wallet for a new chair for the table and emptied again for the booster, and still have to clean up the same mess, but for Presley and her Independence,



Korbi said...

I hate that after I clean up the oatmeal it's stuck to the clothes, like I try and wash out the bib and it won't come off! Annoying, bit WAY CUTE PRESLEY!!!

Korbi said...

I meant to type but instead of bit. :) And it looks as though I typed that Presely was annoying, but no, I was referring to the oatmeal... :)

Melissa B. said...

Bea loves the big chair too. She refuses to sit in her high chair. She is so demanding about it too. funny girls.