Saturday, February 14, 2009


O.k people, if you already felt sorry for my family, get this. Brandon has Pneumonia!!! Seriously! Can this be happening? Presley is still recovering and doing well but still has a sinus infection. Conner is rounding out his 20th day on antibiotics for a sinus infection, thank goodness he was on them when all the others got sick. It takes him a full month of antibiotics and steroids to clear just a sinus infection. Pneumonia would have AT LEAST put him in the hospital. And yes Taylor has a sinus infection and the flu. Isn't that why we get flu shots? I swear every year I get a shot, I get the flu, every year. I know the vaccine only covers certain strands, but come on, every year? Next year I'm going without. Yes I have a cold too, but someone has to take care of all these sick helpless people, so that means me. It was a unanimous vote, by far. So, if you were already feeling sorry, feel even more. Gosh I can't wait for warm weather, I'm so sick of germs and having to be in the house stuck with them!


Korbi said...

Um. Happy Valentine's Day??? :)

Tina said...

You and you cute family are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

So sorry babe! But you got some pretty flowers today!
I'll post some pics of my AWESOME hairdo today, and it'll make you laugh....I hope.
See me soon@

Webster Family said...

I her ya sister! You just keep being that strong awesome mom you are.