Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And We're Back

Well, I have basically fallen off the blog lately. I've been busy busy and super frustrated with my computer and getting pics to upload. So here is a re-cap of the last little while. First, I had a birthday. One year older, and I have to say wiser too. It was fabulous. Good food, good friends, good times.

This is me showing the kids I'm ready for some candle blowing, kinda a scary face, sorry.

Then I'm here sporting a new lip gloss Mary gave me, fabulous color. Thanks to everyone who supplied me with new items to add to my ward robe, as well as all the birthday wishes. It was great.

Next we have our super duper uncle Marlo, and his willingness to spoil his grand kids. And with us having no immediate family around, he lets our kids mooch off of all the fun stuff he has. Welcome to The Tree House Water park. It is so much fun. The weather has finally warmed up, we all have bathing suits, and now we have a waterpark, fabulous.

The first time we set it up our kids played for four hours! definitely fun. The waterpark is equipt with three water slides, a tree house in the middle, a rock wall, a basketball hoop, and a pool area for the little ones.

Presley had a blast with a bucket and everett.

We are so glad summer is finally here, feels like we have waited soooo long. Now hopefully it lasts as long as the winter did. Lots of sun, heat, tans, popsicles, kids, suits, and water! My kind of livin' We country goers live for the summer time, and I have to say, this year we are doing it in style.

And don't we all wish we could still wear our pony tails this high?


Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

Holy cow, I wish I had a grandpa that cool when I was growing up! My neighbors spoil their grandkids, too, but their things aren't nearly as cool as that "water park"!
Glad you had a great b-day!

Laura said...

That blow up water park is awesome! My kids (and myself) would love having something like that. They'll have to work on their grandma ;)
Happy birthday! Hope you had a great one!

Melissa B. said...

Looks like fun!!! I can't wait to come see you guys this summer. Don't you love summer in ML?!