Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ah, another holiday behind us, three more to really go. good thing they jam them all into about three months, I don't think I could be crazy all year long! :) Actually I like Halloween. Pumpkins, lights, costumes, candy...candy. kids were all cute this year, as always...how could a kid not be cute in a Halloween costume...o.k. i have seen some not so cute costumes, but that doesn't mean the little people inside them aren't cute. Needless to say, my kids were dashing this year. I finally convinced Conner to give up the sully costume from monsters Inc., the same one i have in every Halloween picture for the last five years. He decided he would be an old man. He pulled it off perfectly, even the walk.

Taylor wanted to be a witch again, but this year she wore the grey hair and I talked her into painting her face green. She is a good little witch.

Presley didn't get to choose her costume, last child syndrome...hand-me-downs. She was an elephant, but I have to say a darn cute one. she loved me putting pink blush on her cheeks...I had to reapply several times just to keep her happy :)She wasn't too sure about the whole trick or treat thing, but she soon joined in after seeing candy was involved and mom was close. In fact she was a little stinker cause after we went to the church party I took them out to hit a few houses, and I just let her run up with the other kids. Well, before I know it she's walking right into the house past the lady with the candy and headed down the hall!!! I ran up after her and the lady was like," oh, sweetie you can't just come into a strangers house." I was embarrassed, but oh well. Nice big dog sitting in the living room too, needless to say I walked her to the door each time after that.

I think the kids had a lot of fun this year. Chili, candy, face painting, trick or treating, costumes, my yummy caramel corn...I think it was a good one. Boy they are getting big fast.


Jeanie Heslop said...

Who was that scarey old man, the scarey witch and the darling elephant. They don't look like my kids

Melissa B. said...

Conner's costume is Hilarious! They all look great.

Udinks said...

yeahhh...they all look so cute! Happy Halloween!