Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I failed to mention that my last post was my 100Th post....quite an accomplishment for me, and what a perfect post to have it on. I'd like to do a list of 100 things, but I'm sure no one wants to read 100 things about me or of me or whatever, so we will just skip that and get on with posting life and it's funny little quirks.

So some of you know I'm not so much a morning person. I lOVE staying up late and DESPISE the whole waking up thing. I have never slept in past 8 in fact, but Rolling outta bed in the morning definitely has literal meaning to me. Brandon's alarm goes of at 630 mine at seven, but I'm awake when his goes off, how does anyone honestly sleep through another persons alarm? not me. anyway i roll out at seven to get kids up, ready and on the bus.

I started the kids off with breakfast then let the dogs outside, then the cat in. Poor thing, it is 7 degrees and a wind of no less than 20 mph for sure! So cold to say the least. So Oscar, the cat, comes in in the morning to get warm for a bit then we kick him back out. I do feel bad for him having to be out in that cold, and he is the most well behaved animal I have ever owned, but yet he's the one that gets kicked out. Funny how that works in other aspects of our lives. Anyway, i sat Presley up in her chair and gave her a bowl of cereal, then went to wash my face. when i came back i noticed something in the chair at the end of the table. this is what I saw.

I thought...seriously. no way. So I got closer. Yes friends this is again what I saw.

So as I chuckled I simply asked Oscar what he needed. Without saying a word he gave me those eyes...ya know like the ones that cat on SHrek gives...the big sad glassy looking ones. Yep I got those. He simply gave me the eyes then looked directly at Presley's cereal bowl.

That is exactly when my heart melted. The poor thing was cold....obviously hungry...and thought if he sat up to the table like Presley nicely in a chair that he too would be given a bowl of milk.....which I have not given him in years!!!! How smart? I mean really.

So I warmed up a bowl of milk, meanwhile he just sat there and waited, then i put it in front of him and he quietly ate. He didn't even drip! Then If that wasn't enough, when he was done he simply turned around and got down. no whining, nothing, he just got on with his day. miraculous.

Ya know, those people who know the story of my cat, and if you don't it's in my early posts, know he is one of a kind. I know he came from a rough area, and he is just so thankful to have the things he has now, and he's proving it. He is soooo good to me. I don't do whining cats always rubbing on your legs and jumping on your counters and just being annoying. I have kids and two dogs for that, he's just a quiet, reserved cat and I love him! Never bothers anyone. And if I would have yelled at him to get off my chair he would have just jumped down and got on with his day. I often wonder why my dogs can't take heed of his shinning example. instead they do all the opposite; wine, beg, bark, slobber,climb on furniture, steal peoples food. I mean don't get me wrong they are small dogs and they aren't THAT bad, but I just wish they were more like my cat.

Oscar is definitely one of a kind. He won't join us every morning for breakfast, but I gotta admit if everyone just sat up and waited patiently, QUIETLY, without a whine or a bark or fighting over what bowl you get....If everyone acted like my cat....I would definitely be more pleasant around mealtimes...and everyone would get milk. :)


Jeanie Heslop said...

I love it. I was thinking earlier that I wouldn't mind babysitting Oscar. He is good.

Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

I love your posts, Jenica! They are always so eloquent (and especially this one) entertaining!