Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We spent a couple of weeks on vacation this summer. All of my sisters were able to come into town for a week, and it's the first time in several years we have all been able to see each other, apart from two days for my sisters wedding. We took a day and rode up to Bear Lake, which as a child was a yearly tradition for my family. There was hardly any beach this year, but the water and the wave runners worked just the same :)

Here is Grandpa taking Presley and Kylee for a strole in the water.
This is Presley and Kylee, both three...both trouble makers...but cute ones.
Uncle James seems to be the clone for Conner. They look so much a like. Conner just loves hanging out with the big boys.
This is Conner's cousin Hunter.He was so cute. He would only sit on Conner's lap if he got tickled. We went to the Dinasour park, very much different from when I went years ago. Kids all had fun.