Thursday, December 16, 2010

I have never been called the crafty kind, but I love doing them! I have a lot I have started, and a lot I have yet to finish, but here are a few I've worked on over the last several months. The kids loved helping with this one...and it was a perfect "kid" job too! Conner was pritty intense here. Here is the end result! A great find at a thrift store, some paint, and baskets at Burlington. We did the crib too! Now if only I could paint my white walls...My sister introduced me to a fabulous wood shop in Sandy, Utah. Tons and Tons of way cute stuff! So far I have done a Summer sign, and a Witch sign. It was way fun painting and decorating...and not so much fun sanding. :) I have two more signs too do. Better put my sanding face on.

I have also been doing burp rags. have done a few different styles, but these ones were my favorite! so soft. And this is my homemade valance. The picture is horrible and totally doesn't do it justice, so if u wanna make em, drop by and get a better look! It was fun, and super fast!

I have a few quilts I've started and stopped and I made a tu-tu for my neice, that was fun. I love getting on craft kicks, i feel like I just can't stop! Happy Crafting!


hennchix said...

Totally cute stuff Jenica! I love crafting too- just wish I was good at it. Creating stuff is super satisfying for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE the signs and valance and layette! You go girl!

Jess said...

So SO crafty!! Good job mama!!! Hope you guys are all well & that we get to see you sometime soon! Happy Holidays!