Monday, March 17, 2008

Well, the competition is on for the funniest face! our litttle taylor is sooooo camera shy. She will not let anyone take her picture, atleast not without a fight, but when she saw the pictures of conner on the blog, she was sure she could pull funnier faces! this first one is her signature move, only she can do it in our family, and she is quite proud of it too! We discovered this talent of hers about a year ago. We were watching lelo and stitch and after stitch did this, she turned to us and said " look mom, I can do it just like stitch! " thank goodness she doesn't always have a snotty nose when she does it!!!!

A funny face, a monkey face, and an angry face sum it up for taylor, although i must say I have seen angrier faces from her, She was a good sport, and we got some much needed pictures! yeah for me. we also got our new windows today, they are so nice. it just makes everything look so neat and clean, i love them!

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amber said...

you definatley win the award for the most talented children Jenica!!!