Tuesday, March 18, 2008



WHO EATS MORE: Brandon, but probably not by much, he's sooooo picky, you'd think you were cooking for a two year old( a picky one)

WHO SAID "I LOVE YOU" FIRST: I don't really remember, but i'm pritty sure it was Brandon, good thing it wasn't on our first date, he didn't say more than three words to me!

WHO IS TALLER: Brandon, by a whole head

WHO SINGS BETTER: I would have said me, because i never hear brandon sing, but last week we subbed the sunbeam class in primary, and of course we had to set a good example for the kiddos, and lo and behold he can sing!!! quite good too! now we'll just have to practice for sacrament!!!!

WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY: Well me, but i do have to be honest here, o.k. MOSTLY me. Brandon does switch the wash sometimes, and if i'm miles backed up he will fold something ( if that's what you call it when it just looks like the fabric has been bent) really I do appreciate it, but I have to take full responsibility beacause he makes me fold his underwear in this funny little roll with the pants inside, yes, i said a roll. It looks like a burrito when i get done!!! and yes, i have been rolling for seven, wait almost eight years!!! that gives me full credit right?

WHO DOES THE DISHES: It's a tie for dinner, but breakfast and lunch, all me!

WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED: Brandon, but really we should switch cause it really makes it hard for me to protect us from intruders when I have to jump over him!!! sorry babe.

WHO PAYS THE BILLS: Mostly brandon, he does all the online bill pay, I do the take around and checks!

WHO MOWS THE LAWN: I mow the lawn, Brandon always gets slack from our friends when they see me out there mowing it, but to be honest, i like the excercise. if I don't want to do it, he will, but I mostly don't like to wait that long!

WHO COOKS DINNER: Brandon loves to do breakfast! yummy. I am very happy to say that he always is willing to jump in and help with dinner though. i either like to cook, or I don't and he is always willing to pick up my slack.

MORE STUBBORN: Me definatly me.

KISSED WHO FIRST: Brandon claims he was the one, but if you read the answer to the next question, I think you'd side with me.

WHO ASKED WHO OUT FIRST: Neither of us, Brandon had his little sister do it!!! nice, I know.

WHO PROPOSED: Brandon, three times, before I said yes. We were actually on my front porch arguing and he just thought that third time would be the charm, guess so.

WHO IS MORE SENSITIVE: Me, Brandon wanted to make sure I put me.

WHO HAS MORE FRIENDS: Me, i always feel like I need more friends though. Brandon is definately the entertainer though! I'll bring the friends, he'll keep um around!

WHO WEARS THE PANTS: Me, brandon doesn't like to wear them.


Jess said...

That is so funny that you do the underwear burrito, Dallas has me do the same thing!!! Did they learn this somewhere??? I am so glad that I am not the only wife that has to do this :) LOL

sarakorbi said...

That's really funny about the burrito. My mother-in-law does it and I'd never seen it before...

tiff said...

i have to fold todd's that way too-rich swenson calls us women the "garment fairies"-garments magicaly appear folded in the drawer whenever they need them.

Ryan, Monica & Kylee said...

well, not sure what the burrito thing is...but hats off to you for doing it! :>) Taylor is looking so big...so girlie!! Can't wait to see some Easter Pics! I thought "the breakdown" was pretty fun to read! love ya!!

Annie and Jonny said...

I learned so much about you guys from this post. Brandon, you are a stud for making breakfast. I love when Jonny does that!! P.S. Jenica I made some burp clothes and let me just say they did not look NEARLY as cute as yours. Oh well... they are for spit right? I'll post on my blog a pic of the ones that turned out.