Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We sure got a surprise 7 years ago when conner came into our family! WOW, did I say 7? It hardly feels like it has been that long, my how time gets away from you. We love our little conner, he has brought so much joy to our lives. We have learned so much from him, and I know his mission here on earth will teach us so much more. Conner has been such an inspiration to our family, and he has touched so many lives along the way. It is amazing to see him grow and overcome all that he has. I strongly believe he will have a great reward in heaven, he has been so strong, he's definatly our fighter! I call him my silent fighter, he has always been so happy despite his limitations, it is a joy to always see him smile. Conner definatly loves life, and we love him. happy birthday bubbles!!!!

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ckweller said...

He really is a special little guy! It is always fun to see him when I go home to Moses.