Thursday, November 20, 2008


So, as many of you know I had a little escapade last Sunday and got to take a nice little ride in the ambulance, with a good looking paramedic I might add, You never know who reads your blog anymore, so hopefully his wife doesn't read mine! Anyway, if you don't know about it, don't ask, and if you do, don't tell, and if you watched, I am truly sorry for having to expose you all, i know it was painful to watch, but just think it was much more embarrassing for me than for you! Anyway, with blood sugar out of whack, blood pressure out of whack and dehydration fixed, i feel almost brand new. not really, but better. So the blood sugar and pressure were easily fixed with medication, but as i came to find out in my stay at the lovely ER, there is no medicine, other than iv's to fix dehydration, which brings me to the meaning of my post. How thirsty are we? I mean, really I just don't like to drink water. I only like it when I'm sweating after workout, or if I vacuum the whole house and I'm wearing a sweatshirt doing it. I'm just not a big water drinker, in fact if i drink more than sips, it make me gag, weird huh? Well, anyway, after my little escapade on Sunday, i vowdged to take this problem under control, which in lighter terms means, I have to drink more water. I thought I was drinking enough, i usually drink 32 oz. or more a day, but clearly that is not enough. So the last few days I've been drinking ONLY water. No milk, no pop, no juice, just water. It's been gross, and hard. I filled up a 2 liter pitcher and decided to see how much I could possibly drink in a day. I am on the go a lot, a lot, so i have been filling up a water bottle out of my pitcher to get an accurate take as to how much I consume. The first day I didn't do so well. I felt like I drank a ton! But looking at the picture, ah, not so much.

I just keep telling myself it's half, but still, i need to do better. I just feel so full when i drink that much. Maybe that's why they tell you to drink more water and it'll improve your health as well as your weight eh? I do hear often that we often mistake our bodies hunger cues. often we are actually thirsty, not hungry. So they say when you feel hungry, drink first, wait twenty minutes, and if you're still hungry then eat. Wow, if I'm really hungry twenty minutes is a long time! But i am going to try to do better. So day two, I did much better.
I know this one is hard to see, but the water line is just under the handle, yeah for me! I have noticed though that I have to pee a lot during the night, which is cramping up my sleep time, so I figure I need to get it all in by about seven. That's a lot of water to get in by seven, at least for me. I am sorry I do not have a picture of an empty pitcher yet. I have been working on it for a few days, and almost had it last night, but felt like vomiting, I know TMI. I guess I need to get my body use to drinking all this clear, healthy, good for you substance we call water. So, i know there are you die hards out there who probably drink two pitchers a day!, but my challenge to myself as to anyone else who does not want to be exposed to people they have to see every Sunday, or to people who just plain out want to make a healthy change in life; my challenge to all of us is to drink! More water of course, cheers!


Korbi said...

I need to do this too, the only water I drink is a glass of it by my bed at night. The rest of the day it's the Dew and milk, sad huh? And I have to ask, I can't believe that I missed it on Sunday, I guess I can ask some one else what happened. Are you okay???

Ryan & Rischel said...

Oh jenica!! Crazy!! I wish I could give my great habit of water drinking to you. However you would Go CRAZY if you peed as much as me. I have good nights when I only get up 7 times!! Yes, no joke 7 times!! I know I am pregnant but it's not much different when I am not! How are you stranger??
Miss ya

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Go, Jenica, go! Hang in there.

Stacy said...

Okay so this might seem kind of weird seeing how we don't know each other but your sister Monica and I used to be super good friends and close neighbors. I lost touch with her shortly after they left for med school. I was so thrilled when I found her blog, only to find out its private. Could you please pass my info on to her. My email address is

I so totally would appreciate it. I haven't talked with her in so long and I would love to catch up with her. Thanks

Annie and Jonny said...

Hey, so I totally missed the excitement. what happened??? I saw you briefly on Sunday in the transition from the ward with the baby blessing to our ward. I wanted to say hi and bam you were gone. So sad. I hope you are feeling better. Tricks to drinking water are eat salty foods (but not good with high blood pressure). My only idea is to take a sip after each bite with a meal and try and down at least two cups at each meal. I drink so much better if it is washing down food. Sorry not much advice. Hope you get feeling better.