Saturday, November 1, 2008


This year we had a monster, a witch, and a flower. Funny cause Conner has worn this costume for four years! when i pulled it out of the box, he said "mom i wanna be sully again" ( sully from monsters inc.) I said " oh honey, i doubt this costume will fit you this year, it was almost too small last year. While I was retrieving Presley the flower costume, Conner came running back into the room, fully clothed as Sully and proclaimed that the costume in deed still fit, and he was going to wear it. So to say the least, each year I take a Halloween photo and each year everyone is something new, and then there's sully. we have definitely received our money from the purchase of this costume!
We went to the stake carnival, i took chili, but was 12 minutes late and was told they had just finished the judging for the chili cook-off. what ever happened to Mormon standard time? I was sad, but by the end of the night all my chili was gone, so that's what mattered. The kids had fun running around at the carnival, we won three raffle prizes, Conner won the costume contest for the 5-8 year olds, there was like 50 kids!, and Brandon won the fast pitch baseball game, 72mph, wow. The evening was great. The kids went out again the next night, but only for about an hour. we imposed on the Aho neighborhood for our trick or treating. there were a lot of kids and we got to catch up with some friends we have not chatted with in a long time. Taylor insisted I be a witch with her. She was suppose to wear the hat with the hair, but after wearing it to school, she said it itched her head and she wanted to switch me hats.
Funny thing was, i wore it to the stake carnival, and no one recognized me. hopefully i have long silky, shiny, grey hair when i get old, fabulous. Brandon did not want to dress up, but he did pose for a Halloween photo.
Scary, huh? Halloween is always fun, especially for the kids. pumpkins, corn stalks, candy, costumes, what more could kids have fun with. I was so disappointed when i went into walmart BEFORE Halloween and all the Halloween decor was shoved into one isle, and all the CHRISTMAS stuff has taken over! Isn't there another holiday in between, an important one? Oh yeah, THANKSGIVING! We will be celebrating thanksgiving, before we think about Christmas, apparently we'll just have to do it fast. Happy Halloween!


Jess said...

I was one who totally didn't recognize you!!! Good for you on dressing up, what a fun Mom :) CONGRATS to Conner and Brandon on the big wins!! I knew Brandon had it in him!

Webster Family said...

I totally agree on the WalMart deal. There were Christmas songs playing yesterday. What the Heck?

Jon, Julee, and Maddie said...

Thanks for posting the cute halloween pictures, hive five to Conner for winning. And tell Brandon I didn't know he was a baseball guy next time we're up there we'll have to play.

Udinks said...

Wow...looks like you were busy getting your little gobblins ready! They look great! sounds like your hallowenn was real fun!